Being new to twitter, when I sought out people to follow I did it in a very journalistic minded way.

I began by following all the big newspapers and magazines; BBC, The New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal and any other local and international publication I could think of. I thought this blitz of newspapers and magazines would allow me to be aware of a large variety of articles and maybe be able to see and compare similar articles.

I then considered the importance of continuing to be aware of my home/local news. Being from Northern Ireland, I followed BBC News NI and the Belfast Telegraph, which is my local newspaper. In this way I could keep up to date with news stories in my hometown.

The one area in journalism where I would like to gain further understanding is sport. Therefore I followed BBC Sport and a number of notable sports personalities, such as Lewis Hamilton and Gary Lineker – who I was told would provide me with humorous and topical news and sport references.

As I get into the workings of Twitter, I hope to follow more freelance journalists to see different views from the general stories you read in the newspaper, and through this work off individuals opinions and thoughts to create a great story.