Brunch – when food becomes fashionable.

If you’ve never heard if brunch, first of all where have you been? This hybrid of breakfast and lunch has taken the mainstream by storm with basically everywhere boasting about their mid-morning brunch and drinks menu.

Sunday brunch is fast replacing Sunday lunch as people are choosing to opt for a lie in in lieu of eating breakfast. This trend has become popular in London as the socialites seek to fix their hangovers in the form of breakfast cocktails (a destructive circle) and pancakes drenched in syrup. Seen in the popular television programme Made in Chelsea, the stars of the show discuss the night before in some of London’s chicest brunch spots- Blue Bird anyone?

However, don’t think brunch is just for the elite. With people seeking the lives of their favourite TV stars or wishing to follow what is trending on social media, brunch has found its way into the lives of the masses. From pancakes and bacon to a million different variations of eggs, brunch is what’s on the menu.

As with most trends these day’s brunch has turned green. Avocado and salmon, with kale and spinach smoothies on the side seems to be the direction in which brunch is heading. After a supposedly heavy night people are choosing to ‘cleanse’ through morning brunch.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean the days of fluffy golden pancakes and french toast seeping in syrup are totally gone, as I am partial to this and the occasional morning glass of prossecco and orange juice.