9am: Awakened by the stream of hot light pouring in through the faded wooden window slats, I smear sun cream onto my exposed skin ready to take on the day.

11am: Strolling down the thin streets, I casually try to live the cliché of having freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. I find what I’m looking for in the form of a small sun stained corner shop, Sapore di Pane, that has the eclectic vibe of a Wes Anderson set. Flaky croissant and sharp cloudy lemonade in hand, I focus on the next destination – the beach. Guided through the myriad of stone streets by the crisp breeze hitting my ever-reddening face, I shield my eyes from the sudden blazing sun light as I emerge from the old town into the modern metropolitan Rue D’antibes. The sudden and complete juxtaposition from heritage town to sparkling metropolis gives the feeling of two different holiday destinations.

12:30pm: Rainbow umbrella under my arm, I weave through the mass of people, apologising profusely to everyone I hit on my quest for an empty spot of powdered sand. As soon as my towel hits the free golden sand I run in the direction of the shimmering water, bouncing on the balls of my feet, trying to protect myself from the burning ground. Like the first sip of the cloudy lemonade on this hot day, the water is instantly refreshing. Diving my head under the soft foaming waves, I push the water away from my eyes and onto my freshly freckled face.

14:00pm: The sea of holidays goers rise from their sandy towels reaching into woven bags for today’s lunch. Cannes, famous for its yearly Film Festival and the number of celebrities who choose to holiday on its soft sand beaches, has a wide range of beach side dining spots; La Toque D’or or Cave Croisette– but not if you’re on a student budget… I find comfort in the cries of the sellers on the beach who provide me with three euro slices of watermelon. The watermelon is perfect for the beach – food and drink combined in this one smiling slice – plus fear not if you drip the juice on yourself, the beach is your personal cleaner.

19:00pm: Strolling along the promenade as the dusk begins to fall over the calming waters I venture into Old Town, le suquet, walking up the steep steps to see some of the best views in Cannes. The light layers of flowing material are a welcome change of attire after the salt soaked swimwear and perfect for casually perusing the old architecture and quaint restaurants. After a mountain of seafood laden pasta at Gaston & Gastounette, enjoy the zesty glass of white wine (cheaper than buying water), that the waiter assures will “go perfectly with your chosen meal madam.”

22:30pm: Dinner is followed by people watching from one of the numerous benches strategically placed along the cobbled streets. Gaze upon the leather faced gentleman dressed in a pale linen suit holding the slender arm of his much younger companion, whose Emilio Pucci print dress flies behind her with every new stride. The couple is followed by a group of girls dressed in short sparkling skirts, stumbling on the uneven ground in their thick heels looking for the next cocktail bar to fall into.

With the endless bars, restaurants and sorbet shops, you never know where you might find yourself next; simply follow the maze of streets and enjoy whatever this city presents you with next.