As I scroll online in search of my next brunch haunt, I stumble upon Palm Vaults – highly rated and described as “London’s most Instagrammable café.” Sandwiched in between a pop up shop that seems to sell everything from raincoats to poolside toys and an estate agents it’s a combination you don’t see on their glossy feed. However it manages to stand out with its retro pink marbled sign complete with David Hockeny-esque ppalm vaults interioralm leaves.

Sitting down to your mirrored marble table (each one a slightly different style) it’s hard not to notice that you are surrounded by shrubbery. Curated so you don’t feel like a squirrel eating lunch; the pink rope holding up the hanging baskets does make you instinctively reach for your phone to take a quick snap.

“London’s most Instagrammable café.”

As with all these beautifully designed cafes hitting our high streets the question you have palm vaults coffeeto ask is – do they actually have any substance? Gone are the days when you would go to a café just for a coffee – people are now looking for an experience. The drinks menu at Palm Vaults will leave you staring at the multitude of choices for twice as long as you would at any other cafe. “Could you give me another minute to decide?” should be the official slogan of this café. As well as the standard Americano and Breakfast Tea you can take a sip of adventure with the Red Velvet Latte or Matcha Frappe. Similar in price to a grande at Starbucks, the interior and presentation of their drinks is enough to make you shell out any extra cost.

A talked about topics of conversation for this breed of café is the quality of the food. palm vaults foodWhen the avocado on toast with crumbled feta and micro herbs comes out, yes, it looks ‘too good to eat,’ and I will admit to dedicating time to post a snap story shouting to my followers , “everyone I’m at brunch!” After finally deciding to destroy the masterpiece in front of me, I could quickly conclude that this was amazing – and I don’t think this was just because I was so hungry after taking pictures…

Palm Vaults lengthy menu and imaginative ingredients sets it apart from your standard café experience. The much raved about decor lives up to the hype and the food is both beautiful and delicious – just check Instagram if you don’t believe me..