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1.No one shows up to brunch on time so in lieu of a watch opt for this Wild Thing Digital Wrist Cuff (£99) so if confronted about your late arrival, you can nonchalantly reply “sorry I didn’t know the time!”

2. Inevitably, you’re coming to brunch because you need to catch up your friends on all the details of the night before. Therefore you probably haven’t had time to wash your hair and the now messy, knotted strands have to be tamed. Try the Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder (£22) which promises to ‘freshen up’ any hair type. Failing this you’ll want to get rid of it all together so scrape it up into the perfect, effortless top knot with the Lurex scrunchie from Urban Outfitters (£5).

3. After falling asleep in your contacts your eyes have taken quite the beating and glasses are clearly the way forward. This isn’t the time to reveal your hot pink rectangle frames that you’ve had since you were a quirky teen and never change simply because it was too much hassle. With retro glasses making a come-back on the runway you can look stylish without saying “if I wasn’t wearing these I’d be blind…” Chloé Myrte square-frame acetate optical glasses (£175)

4. No time for a large bag, most of your stuff is thrown across the floor anyway, you only have time to grab your money and keys so why not add a bit of fun with this Miu Miu Crystal-embellished silver-plated and glittered enamel (£170) keychain?

5. Perhaps the most important of brunch ingredients, your phone. If you’re going to brunch, people are going to see it on social media and it also helps people know you’re still alive after last night… Case Magicians Tropical iPhone case Etsy £11.99